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Cancellation Policy

We are a small boutique park with a limited amount of sites and cabin options so a last minute cancellation impacts us severely, and is extra work trying to fill the spot. We book out most weekends, turning away potential business because it has been reserved for you. In an effort to avoid having a 'no refund for cancellation' policy, we strictly follow the below policy.


This year is predicted to be wet, so if you're a dry weather camper only we prefer you become a last minute booker rather than a last minute canceller so that you don't lose your funds.

Our cancellation policy is strictly adhered to regardless of the reason - getting covid, sick, ill mother in law or bad weather does NOT change our cancellation policy. You're very welcome to get friends or family to fill the spot, just shoot us an email to notify us. 

If a severe weather event or government lockdown forces us shut, everyone will receive a full credit.  

Full payment is due upon on booking to confirm your reservation. 

Cancelling, changing dates or a credit:

30 + days notice: Credit or refund minus the admin fee.

14 - 29 days notice: 50% credit, 50% forfeit of funds

7 - 14 days notice: 20% credit, 80% forfeit of funds

Less than 7 days notice or no show: 100% forfeit of funds 

Long weekends incur a stricter cancellation policy: 100% forfeit of funds 14 days or less. 

Credits cannot be used to re-book during public holiday long weekends and can only be used once (ie. not cancelled a second time)

Changing dates, credits and refunds cause the same amount of work (and the same empty site!) for us and the cancellation applies the same to all three options. 

Administration fee for credits, amendments, rebooking dates or refunds is $25 per camping site and $75 per cabin.

Outside of these timeframes you will not receive a credit or a refund for bad weather, change of mind, illness, or if asked to leave due to breaching park rules. 

So please do not book until you have checked your work roster, the kids sports schedule and your mothers health.  

FAQs & Useful Tidbits

Q: Are dogs allowed? 

A: Yep! Humans upon application... 

We request any dogs that may disrupt other guests to stay on a lead, and to keep them away from the animal feeding area in the mornings as our deer may get scared. We also do not allow dogs on the Jurassic Trail as we want to encourage the wildlife (wallabies! Echidnas!) to stick around. We allow dogs in our Bunkhouse Cabin and all camping areas except for the Windmill Field. 

Q: Can we pop in for a drive around/check you out?

A: No. You'll love this rule when you are a guest and don't have nosy people driving around disturbing the peace. The park is for guests only. 

Q: Do you fit big caravans?

A: Yes we do. Whilst we are a boutique caravan park with a limited number of powered areas, most have plenty of room for turning around or driving through. 

Q: Check in time?.A: From midday for camping. From 2pm for cabins.

Q: Can we check in early?

A: No. We spend the morning zooming around the park to prepare and reception is not manned. If you arrive early you'll just have to wait. We recommend heading to Kenilworth for a sneaky donut whilst you wait! Please notify us if arriving after 6pm so we can leave a map for you if we've knocked off.

Q: Check out time? 

A: 10am for camping and cabins. 

Q: Group Bookings?

A: You can either book together as one group, or book separate and write in the 'notes' that you are all one group and we will make sure to put you all together (that saves someone trying to organise money as well!) or feel free to shoot us through an email so we can reserve the best area for you and invoice each of you separately. 

Q: Can we use generators?

A: No. Our park is a peaceful sanctuary and we like to keep noise disruption to a minimum. If you require power, please book a powered site - if you like the bush camping feel but want power, The Paddock is the area for you!

Q: Whats the best site for large rigs?

A: All areas suit big rigs no worries except for The Nook & The Windmill Field. 

Q: Do we have to pre-pay?

A: Yes, your booking is secured once the full balance has been paid. Your site/cabin is then reserved for you. 


Q: What age are kids?

A: Kids aged 2-16 are only $10 per night for camping. Above 16 and you're an adult. 2 or below and you're free! 

Q: Solo Traveler?

A: We pride ourselves in being a safe and welcoming park for solo travellers. Book a site to yourself anywhere in the park. Feel free to get in touch if you want more peace and quiet or would rather be amongst the action and we can recommend the perfect spot. 

Q: Is the animal feeding extra?

A: Nope! The morning animal experience activity is free with your stay! We also run additional paid activities such as Guinea Pig VIP that you can pre-book or if availability allows, book during your stay. Guinea Pig VIP sessions are an extra paid activity and we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment. 

Q: Are there any swimming spots on your property?

A: Yep! The top spot is the beautiful Mary River, access through our tunnel walk. There are many dams on the property that are lovely for a swim when full. Booloumba Creek is only a few minutes drive with some beautiful swimming holes. Kenilworth also has the cheapest public swimming pool in Australia! Welcome to bring your own kayak, we do not currently hire them out. We do often experience drought where our dams are extremely low so double check before packing the kayak.

Q: Do you supply linens for cabins?

A: Yes - we supply all bedding, towels etc. 

Q: Are the cabins self contained?

A: Yes - all cabins have a full kitchen and bathroom setup (+ aircon & heaters!)

Q: What is in the camp kitchen?

A: We have two communal kitchen areas. The Sizzlers kitchen has bbq's, toaster, kettle, microwave and fridge. In the Barn you'll find a fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle. Sinks and bench space in both.

Q: Which sites have water hook ups?

A: Most of our powered sites also have water. Unpowered sites do not. Check the camping page which has the water icon next to areas with water access.

Q: Firepits?

A: Each camping group and cabin get their own fire pit, although you're welcome to bring your own if you're particularly partial to it.

Q: Do you sell firewood?

A: We sure do! $20 a bag. Welcome to collect kindling from around the park. We also sell bags of kindling when available although they sell out quickly.

Q: Smoking?

A: We are proudly a non-smoking property, as we are a nature & animal reserve. You may walk to the road off the property to partake. This includes vaping. 


Q: Mobile phone service?

A: We are an unplugged park, which means that we have limited phone reception, and no wifi. August 2023 the mobile coverage improved so most phones now get a bar or two across the park. Most of our guests enjoy disconnecting and reconnecting with nature, however those having withdrawals or who need to check in for work, we can point out the areas that have best coverage. Telstra has the strongest signal. Our cabins do not have tv reception, but a large selection of DVDs to enjoy.

Q: What is the expiry on credits?

A: We do not put an expiry date on credits, so there is no rush to pick new dates. However get in touch as soon as you have dates in mind so we can book you in before we book out. 

Q: Do you have a minimum night stay?

A: Yes, a 2 night minimum stay year round, and a 3 or 4 night minimum stay for public holiday long weekends.

Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

A: We sure do! You can purchase online by clicking 'book now!' then click the 'extras' tab and go from there. Or shoot us an email and we can do it from our end. 

Q: Are you a farm?

A: We are more of an animal sanctuary! We have found ourselves adopting and rescuing a menagerie of farm animals. You are able to interact with all of our animals at any point of the day, and go inside the enclosures during the animal feeding each morning. 

Q: Can we visit for the day?

A: You're very welcome to join guests in the park, please email to organise a day pass in advance.

Q: Why are you open only weekends and school holidays?

A: Yep thats right! We spend the week days working on new projects, renovating, groundskeeping and improving the park so that weekends are dedicated to our guests. It also gives us a chance to have the occasional day off, without needing to check guests in each day in amidst running the farm. We are open Friday & Saturday nights plus all public holiday long weekends and school holidays. 

Your question not answered? Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you quickly!

Email is the best way to get in contact! We spend most of our time out in the park, not in the office to take your call and with limited phone reception cannot divert it to our mobiles. 

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