Kookaburra Park is not like a regular caravan park or camping ground.

Here you can camp with power & water, but feel like you are camping in the bush despite the luxuries.

Or you can pitch a tent in an unpowered spot a short jaunt to the loo, or further afield for gorgeous views.

Each area is unique - would you like to wake up to a deer grazing right by the fence, or to views of the valley? 

Here you can reserve the exact site you love, or an entire area if you are a larger group. 

We do not squeeze you in side by side like sardines. Each area is spread out, with limited sites within for plenty of space and privacy. 

Have a site in mind? You can book the exact area you want. See below our camping areas to select from.  

Don't have a preference? Or prefer to take a drive when you get here to sus out the best available spot? Book a powered or unpowered site and decide when you get here.

With a group?

You have two options:

1: Book the desired number of sites in one booking (you can select an entire area if you have a preference!)

2. Book individually and have each person write in the 'notes' section that you are all together. We will then ensure you are allocated to the same area. 

Or shoot through an email & we'll be happy to help & assign you the perfect area.


Sites $20 (includes 1 adult)

Additional Adults $20

Kids (3-16) $10



x4  or




The Jacaranda Area is a gorgeous part of the property with lovely flat grass & shade from this stunning tree.


Four power hook ups & water allow for 4 x caravans/camper trailers to hook up with room in between. No squishing in side by side here!

Groups can fit up to 8 tents easily, sharing the power between you. Simply book all 4 x sites and add on extra people.

Cook your dinner the old fashioned way on the fire lit bbq, and take a seat at your own picnic table.


Opposite our small amenities block.

The Jacaranda tree flowers anytime between August - November, and is flush with green foliage for most of the rest of the year. 


x6 or




The Sizzlers Area is one of our most central powered area.


Split into 2 x HUGE sites, each fitting 2 - 4 setups so great for groups. Book the entire area out for your group if you've got 4 or more setups (and both sites are available). 

This is our most popular area for medium sized groups or those wanting to be close to the amenities. Closest area to the large amenities block (but not too close!)

Lovely and shady and of course with easy access to the undercover bbq camp kitchen area.


x4  or




Our most central area, would you believe?

Just across from the large amenities block, this area is popular with families with little ones who want to be close to the loo!


This area is split into 2 x double sites. Meaning each site can fit 2 x caravans (or tents) easily. Simply book 1 x site and add on the extra people. 

A great one to join on to either Sizzlers or the Garden area which are on either side. 

Both sites are drive through for easy access when towing. 

Our most 'traditional caravan park style' sites, ideal for camper vans and caravans. 


x2  or




The Garden Area is a beautiful spot under the canopy of the trees for lovely shade and of course surrounded by lots of foliage & gardens!


The area is booked individually to a max of 2 setups for plenty of privacy and space, or a group of 4 x caravans/tents would fit nicely. Simply book both sites and add on extra people. 

This is the best camping area if you have friends booked into either the Garden Studio or the Bunkhouse Cabin and would like to be close by.

A lovely central area, but tucked away so doesn't ever feel busy or cluttered.

Only a short stroll to the large amenities block.

The Paddock

x8  or




The paddock powered camping is a lovely grassy area with fantastic views of the rolling hills & valley, next to our weeping willow pond. 

Great for large groups as you can book the entire area to yourselves - or else each individual group is allocated one of the level pads spread across the gentle sloping paddock. 

You can also mix up powered and unpowered camping between your group if you wish.

A great spot to reserve if you have friends in either the Jungle House or Garden Studio as you will be nearby. 

Feels like you're properly camping remotely, but with the bonus of power!


Power only, no water. Welcome to fill from any tap on the property.

Windmill Field

These sites are truly magical, best suited to smaller setups (small camper trailers and tents) with a 4WD only.

The windmill sites have magnificent views of the valley behind, grounds below and the front dam. If you are joined by unpowered campers they can book to camp in the same field. 

Two very separate powered sites - one right by the windmill and one further up the hill towards the deer field.

Walk across the foot bridge to the smaller amenities block.

Note: These sites do not have water connection, however you can fill from any tap on the way in if required.

This is a NON pet friendly area as it is right by our deer sanctuary. Please book another site if your furry friend is joining you.

x2  or






Sites $15 (includes 1 adult)

Additional Adults $15

Kids (3-16) $10


The Nook

Our most central unpowered site is this magical little nook within the main part of the park. Great for those who don't need power but want to be close to the amenities. 

Hidden amongst the trees right alongside our windmill field which is often inhabited by the deer (you are likely to get a visitor to the fence!) 

Pick a pomegranate or avocado from one of the trees surrounding you, and enjoy this unique shady spot.

If you have friends joining you booked into the 'Kitchen' area you'll be just across the road and down a touch!

x1   or


Pine Tree Hill

Pine Tree hill can you believe it... is a flat camping area on a hill, under a pine tree! 

Gorgeous views of the property & a lovely breeze in the afternoon. 

A lovely area for 1-3 setups together as a group. We book this as one site so you'll have it all to yourself. Just make sure to add on the number of people in your group.

Best for tents and camper trailers. 4WD is strongly recommended if towing anything, as the hill can get slippy when wet.

This area is a short walk down the hill to the large amenities block, or a very quick drive for those not feeling like the walk back up after!

x2   or


Flat Hill

Flat Hill is another creatively named unpowered camping area... up high on a very large hill with a very flat top! 

Pristine views of the property and up the valley to the ridge for a spectacular sunset each afternoon. 

This area can be booked out for very large groups, or else claim a section for yourself with loads of room in between! 

This camping area is the furthest out from the centre of the park so is a fair stroll to the amenities or short drive.

4WD is strongly recommended if towing anything, as the hill can get slippy when wet.

The sun sets early behind the ridge so you'll have lovely shade in the afternoon and will have a cool tent to enter in the evening!

x8  or



Camp damside by our native ducks favourite waterhole.


A lovely part of the property where you feel like you're properly camping out in whoop whoop but are really only a 1 minute walk from a hot shower!  

The far end of this area meets up near the Garden Studio Tiny House via a lovely walkway between two dams. 

Damside is only a very short stroll to the large amenities block.

Best suited to camper trailers and tents.

x6  or


Windmill Field

A very large field that our deer often reside in with some very special flat areas that make a unique camping experience. Fantastic views of the front dam & the valley behind. 

A short walk across the pedestrian bridge to the small amenities block. 

2 x powered sites available in this field if you're joined by others requiring power.

Select a spot further up the hill with views, or lower down long the dry creek (which runs during the wet season) or front dam under the weeping willow.

Only suitable for smaller camper trailers and tents with a 4WD. Not suitable for larger rigs.

This is a NON pet friendly area as it is right by our deer sanctuary. Please book a different site if your furry friend is joining you.

x3  or


Prices subject to change. Peak times (e.g. NY and Easter) will likely incur a surcharge.

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